Core Instruction

Core Instruction


9th Grade

We understand that 9th grade year is the most important year for determining success in high school.  All of our 9th graders are offered courses that will set them up for success in high school and beyond.

  • Freshman Foundations – ELA 9/Foundations for Success – in this course students will cover the content standards for English 9 while also learning important skills for life after high school which includes creating a 10 year plan.
  • A.G.E. – Art/Geography/Ethnic Studies – these courses are required for graduation.  By combining them we are allowing students to take a deeper dive into their cultural studies experiences.
  • PBL PE – All high school students are required to take 20 credits of P.E.  Since New Tech is a Project-Based Learning school, students in PE will also be engaged in authentic projects that will include physical fitness and inquiry.
  • Pathway Intro Course – All 9th graders will have the opportunity to take the introduction course of one of our two CTE pathway courses.
  • PrBL Math I – All 9th graders will be placed in our PrBL Math course.  This is a year long course that is coupled with Math Support.  This allows students to look at Math I through the lense of problem solving and application.  


Our humanities courses are taught in the team teaching model.  An English Language Arts teacher and a Social Science teacher collaborate and plan integrated lessons and PLB projects.  

  • 10th Grade Course – World Studies (ELA 10/World History)
  • 11th Grade Course – American Studies (ELA 11/US History)
  • 12th Grade Course – Political Studies (ELA 12/American Government & Economics)


Student are required to take and pass 3 math courses.  Offerings include:

  • PrBL Math 1 (IM 1)
  • Integrated Math 2
  • Integrated Math 3
  • Enrollment in college math or math based course at a community college


Students are required to take and pass 2 science courses for graduation.  Students will also be encouraged to take a science course at the community college.

  • Biology
  • Physics or Chemistry
  • College Science Course

World Language

Students will fulfill their World Language course at the Community College.  This allows students a broader range of language options.


Theater I:  This course supports our learning outcomes by helping students master Oral Communication, Collaboration, and Presentation Skills through theater arts.

Journalism:  In this course, students will work on mastering their skills in written communication and collaboration among many other skills as related to journalism.

CTE Pathway 

All New Tech students must complete at least one CTE pathway to be eligible for graduation.  Students who are interested can complete both pathways.

  • Computer Science (this is the ONLY Computer Science Pathway in the SCUSD)
  • Media (Film Production)