Educating the Whole Child


Sacramento New Technology High School believes in the development and growth in the whole child.  Students have individual strengths and weaknesses and we work to help students discover them and build on them through the 5 Learning Outcomes; Agency, Collaboration, Knowledge & Thinking, Written Communication, and Oral Communication.  Student acquire and develop these important skills through the facilitation of their own learning using Project-Based Learning as the primary learning model.


Sunday Night Howl
Weekly Announcements sent every Sunday Night at 6pm



Good evening New Tech students and families.  This is Principal Martin with your Sunday Night Howl!


Seniors and senior parents!  It’s time to order your caps and gowns.  There is a link for you on the school website and also in the email that goes with this message.  Students must have a black cap and gown and our special SNTHS Purple Sash in order to participate in our graduation ceremony.  Don’t delay, go and order today!